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Plastic or Aluminum

Which Moeller tank suits your application?

Moeller manufactures both plastic and aluminum fuel tanks. Depending on your application, either material is the right choice! We use cross-linked polyethylene— which provides outstanding durability—in the fabrication of our plastic tanks. Our aluminum tanks are manufactured from 5052 aluminum which is highly resistant to corrosion from salt water or industrial contaminants.


Moeller OEM marine fuel tanks Moeller OEM aluminum Fuel Tank
Property Polyethylene Aluminum
Production Ideal for high volume applications. Enables precise reproducibility Perfect for prototype or low volume runs. Allows for design flexibility over time
Corrosion Plastic is intrinsically corrosion-resistant May be coated for increased corrosion-resistance
Tooling Completed mold becomes a company asset No upfront tooling costs are necessary
Manufacturing Process One-piece construction is perfect for complex shapes CNC cutters and benders ensure accuracy and repeatability


Our engineering staff would be happy to review your design requirements and constraints to make sure you get the performance you need. For more information, contact your Regional Sales Manager.

If you know the size and shape of the tank you need, complete the Aluminum Tank Calculator to get a quote which addresses your precise requirements.

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