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Anytime you need a rotationally mold part—even if you’re not sure about the specifications, regulations, or how to make it work in your application—give your Moeller Regional Sales Manager a call. Our sales managers combine service with technical know-how and will assist you through the next steps. 
Marine Engineering Services

Moeller Engineering Services

Zero Cost There is never a charge for our engineering services, period.
Experience Moeller boasts 200+ years of in-house technical know-how: degreed engineers, trained designers, experienced tool makers, and the finest shop technicians in the industry.
Responsiveness Do you need same day/next day service? more than 200 moeller employees are on-site and available to help. We produce most tooling and molds in-house: no waiting for subcontractor-related delays.
Industry Involvement Moeller is a member of ABYC, NMMA, NMDA, and other industry organizations. We are represented on the ABYC fuel and vent subcommittee.
Certifications Moeller Marine is ISO 9001:2008 certified. Depending on the production class, products are manufactured to NMMA, ABYC, and CE standards.
Engineering Control Systems We manage all projects via our stringent Engineering Control System (ECS) to prevent errors and miscommunication. We document your requirements, organize and maintain documentation in a single electronic file, and require a written signoff by moeller and our customers for all approvals.
Partners & Resources For projects with extraordinary polymer or physical properties characteristics, Moeller retains the services of polymer scientist Ashok Adur, PhD. We partner with the leading industrial design firms who specialize in rotationally-molded product designs. We enjoy regular dialogue with the engineers from our two resin suppliers, who are leaders in the rotomolding polymers industry.

TIP Studies

While the industry knows that performance, safety, and regulatory compliance are our top priorities, our partners understand that we deliver value as well. We recognize that the cost of a fuel tank has nearly doubled since the EPA emissions regulations of 2011, and we continuously strive to produce the tank you need at the price you can afford.
TIP Studies

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