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Battery Boxes

According to USCG regulations, each battery must be installed so that:

  • Metallic objects cannot come in contact with the ungrounded battery terminals.
  • Each metallic fuel line and fuel system component within 12 inches and above the horizontal plane of the battery top is shielded with dielectric material.
  • The battery is not located directly above or below a fuel tank, fuel filter, or fitting in a fuel line.
  • Hydrogen discharge is vented from the boat.
  • Each battery terminal connector does not depend on spring tension for its mechanical connection to the terminal.
  • It meets the pulling force requirements of CFR 183.40.
running lights for battery section
Moeller Roto-Molded Battery Boxes satisfy all USCG requirements.
Our boxes feature lid knockouts to enable easy cable routing to the terminals. We manufacture them from non-corrosive high-strength polyethylene to protect your battery from rust and chemicals. Our battery boxes contain anywhere from one 4D through two 8D batteries, and are available in a range of sizes. They feature seamless bottom construction and a nominal wall thickness of 0.185 in. (4.7 mm).

To view out aftermarket battery boxes, view the product pages.

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