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Moeller Introduces New Diurnal Fuel Tank Options at IBEX 2015

August 12, 2015

Contact: Holly Hunter
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In 2011, the marine industry changed forever when the EPA launched a series of regulations to reduce permeation and evaporative emissions from marine fuel systems. In addition to anti-spitback, automatic fuel shutoff, and the installation of audible-click tethered fuel caps, requirements specify integrated fuel systems with low permeation fuel tanks and fugitive emission controls.

In response, Moeller developed the two layer tank to meet the permeation requirements, and several companies developed valving, carbon canisters, and related hardware to meet the diurnal requirements with fugitive emissions. For the builder, this created complexity and cost (approximately $500 per vessel).

Since the implementation of the regulations, Moeller has worked closely with boatbuilders to develop the most cost effective system for every vessel. This may include selecting the best hardware supplier for the tank, reviewing the “tip study” and recommending ways to eliminate a costly valve, or designing a hybrid system using components from several manufacturers to meet the needs of the builder. Moeller is the first company to manufacture tanks with internal venting, which greatly aids the builder with the elimination of unsightly deck plates.

Over the years the technology has matured and Moeller has matured with it. Now the time is right for a new generation of lower-cost, EPA-compliant valves and hardware.

Moeller is introducing a new series of Grade Valves (GRV) and Fluid Level Vent Valves (FLVV) for the marine industry. Like other valve design, the Moeller valves have an automotive heritage, and have been used in fuel systems for years. The Moeller valves are mounted in a flanged and gasketed PM-coated housing which bolts to the top of the tank.

Moeller is also introducing a new Direct Fill assembly for pressure or canister systems. The Moeller Direct Fill offers the same functionality as existing products—at a competitive cost to the builder.

“As the industry has changed from the single layer cross linked polyethylene tank of 2010 to the multilayer complex tank and emissions control system of 2015, Moeller has set the pace. We are a complete integrated system provider,” says Gary Eich, President of Moeller. “We review customer designs, and recommend the best valves and hardware for each specific requirement: whether Moeller valves, or valves from another leading supplier.” Moeller has long enjoyed partnerships with other diurnal hardware manufacturers, and looks forward to continuing these relationships. The company is pleased to use hardware from any and all suppliers, as requested by any builder.

Eich sums it up this way: “The development of Moeller components is the next logical step in securing our position as leaders in fuel tank integration. We invite you to stop by IBEX Booth 2635 to see what’s new.”

About Moeller
Moeller is the largest rotational molder in the marine industry and among the 20 largest across all industries nationwide. Safety, durability, and value are the criteria for the design of every tank the company delivers. Moeller is ISO 9001-2008 certified, and all Moeller products meet or exceed the applicable USCG and ABYC requirements.

The company is renowned for its commitment to service; for years, major boatbuilders have presented Moeller with supplier awards and commendations. The company offers a line of topside and permanent tanks, as well as delivery systems, livewells, water and waste tanks, seat substrates, and custom interior components. Moeller furnishes fuel systems or components to nearly every boat builder: from bass and ski boats to offshore salt water fishing.

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1. 40 CFR 1060 Control of Evaporative Emissions for New and In-use Non-Road and Stationery Equipment

Delivering High-Tech Aluminum, Polyethylene Fuel Tanks A Solid Foundation For Global Expansion
Delivering High-Tech Aluminum, Polyethylene Fuel Tanks
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