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Moeller Launches New Direct Fill

January 19, 2016

Moeller Marine Products has spent decades developing OEM fuel tanks for the fuel systems of the largest boat manufacturers in the country. To meet the requirements of the 2011 EPA Regulations (40 CFR 1060 Control of Evaporative Emissions for New and In-use Non-Road and Stationery Equipment), Moeller engineers developed a two-layer barrier tank with cross-linked polyethylene on the outside and an inner layer of nylon. Since 2009, Moeller has sold more than 230,000 barrier tanks.

At the same time, fuel system component manufacturers developed a variety of innovative solutions for pressure relief and carbon canister systems. Among the innovations are diurnal components, which allow vapor to vent from the tank to ensure that the system will not become over-pressurized. Diurnal components work together to prevent fuel spillage while underway and keep liquid fuel or water from reaching the vent line and/or carbon canister during refueling and cruising. Depending on the tank configuration, components of a diurnal system may include a combination of a deck fill and waterproof fuel vent, as well as a series of valves.

Moeller Diurnal Options

Because one size does not fit all in the boatbuilding industry, nearly all Moeller OEM work is custom. According to Moeller Product Engineer Bill Brackney, Moeller engineers regularly push the envelope to satisfy customer design and cost requirements. “We’ve had a few situations where it would have been expedient to engineer smaller tank openings. That started us thinking about designing our own components.” In October 2015, Moeller introduced diurnal vent and fluid level vent valves at IBEX. The new direct fill, which goes into production this month, completes the line of Moeller components for EPA-certified diurnal systems.

Moeller’s New Direct Fill

Moeller’s Direct Fill ensures proper engine and canister function and complies with CFR40 and ABYC H-24 permeation, operation, and refueling regulations. It is compatible with E10 fuels, eliminates the requirement for an additional inlet control valve, and meets USCG CFR33 requirements, including fire testing. In accordance with EPA regulations, the cap is tethered. Manufactured from nylon-reinforced polyethylene, Moeller’s Direct Fill is durable, sturdy, and non-corrosive.

According to Moeller President Gary Eich, now is the time for the company to launch its own line of diurnal components. “The core of our business is fuel tanks. Because tanks are just one part of a fuel system, we’ve become expert in integrating components to make sure our customers get exactly what they need. The development of Moeller EPA-certified diurnal components is the next logical step in securing our position as leaders in fuel tank integration.”

Ongoing Commitment to Service and Quality

Offering new diurnal components is just part of Moeller’s ongoing commitment to value. Full-time, on-site Moeller engineers prepare custom tip studies per the requirements of EPA and ABYC. The computer modeling helps boat builders make an informed choice about performance and value. “We care about the products we make and the customers we support,” says Eich. “Our engineering and production processes are outstanding and we have the team to execute them.” ISO 9001:2008 certified since 2014, the company passed its 2015 surveillance audit with zero non-conformances.

About Moeller

Moeller is the largest rotational molder in the marine industry and the fourteenth largest across all industries nationwide. The company offers a comprehensive line of topside and permanent tanks, as well as delivery systems, livewells, water and waste tanks, seat substrates, and custom interior components. Moeller furnishes fuel systems or components to nearly every boat builder: from bass and ski boats to offshore salt water fishing.

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Moeller wins smiles around Sparta! Kevin Kyle Joins Moeller Marine
Moeller wins smiles around Sparta!
Kevin Kyle Joins Moeller Marine
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