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June 15, 2015

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Whether designing and testing prototype boats or building small volume production runs, speed of delivery is essential to the marketplace. Moeller Marine Products is up to the challenge with its new aluminum tank line. The Sparta, TN company can produce aluminum fuel tanks in a fraction of the time it takes to manufacture polyethylene tanks.

Moeller has been a pioneer of fluid and storage containment technology for more than a quarter century, building aluminum molds to manufacture hundreds of thousands of custom polypropylene tanks. Moeller’s new aluminum tank production combines experience with skill.

Aluminum tanks require no upfront tooling costs, and that allows for design flexibility over time. “For polypropylene tanks, design and build of the tooling takes time,” said Moeller President Gary Eich. “For aluminum, the installation of internal venting and other components is a simple process. For the customer, that means fast turnaround for both aluminum tank prototype development and production.”

Aluminum benefits
Aluminum fuel tanks are ideal for boat builders with low-volume runs. “It all comes down to quality and reliability,” said Scott Ward, Moeller aluminum product manager. “We have been the premier supplier of polyethylene tanks for decades. Having built hundreds of thousands of tanks, we are the logical choice for custom aluminum tanks.”

Moeller’s aluminum tanks offer superior component integration. Some manufacturers fasten components with self-tapping screws. This approach allows for leak points at the screws, and may result in an accumulation of aluminum shavings in the tank. Moeller uses spacer plates for thread engagement. Drilled and tapped blind holes eliminate unwanted penetration into the tank, and enable the removal/reinstallation of components with minimal risk of tank damage.

Simplicity equals savings
Because tooling is not required for production, no upfront investment is needed for mold design and fabrication. The aluminum production process supports design flexibility—it’s a simple matter to install internal venting and other components. As with all Moeller tanks, ABYC, NMMA, and USCG certification costs are included in the purchase.

Depending on the application, either plastic or aluminum is the right choice. Moeller uses cross-linked polyethylene—which provides outstanding durability—in the fabrication of its plastic tanks. Moeller aluminum tanks are manufactured from 5052 aluminum; highly resistant to corrosion from saltwater or industrial contaminants, it may be coated for increased resistance.

Moeller became ISO 9001:2008 certified in late 2014. The ISO 9001:2008 standard is a quality management system which helps ensure consistent products of superior quality. There are no grades of competence within ISO 9001:2008. A company either is certified, meaning that it’s committed to the ISO model of quality management, or it’s not. According to Eich: “In a service-oriented business like ours, the certification sends an important message to customers and end users alike: that Moeller products are safe, reliable, and of good quality. We care about the products we make and the customers we support.”

About Moeller
Moeller Marine Products has spent years developing OEM fuel tanks for the fuel systems of the largest boat manufacturers in the country. Safety, durability, and value are the criteria for the design of every tank the company delivers. The company is renowned for its commitment to service; in 2014, Moeller earned the Mastercraft Supplier of the Year Award.

The company offers a comprehensive line of topside and permanent tanks, delivery systems, livewells, water and waste tanks, seat substrates, and custom interior components. Moeller furnishes fuel systems or components to nearly every boat builder: from bass and ski boats to offshore salt water fishing.

For more information, contact Moeller Marine at 800-432-8344, or visit

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